Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Harper's Canada

Harper's Canada
Our Oils Going Places!

And he's Going Places:)

Cheers Hic..

And Back Again.
Another Pipeline goes here.

Now that works done I can play dress-up again, this is fun!

Prime Pipeline Country BC He He! The Northern Gateway
I wanna hava Fleet.  

 And if you don’t like it read between the lines!
Or go sit on the other side, right now.

 Because I own this its mine and I can close it when I want to:

I can do whatever I want and don’t you forget it.

Ooooo I think I just wet my panties.

I love to watch our environmental progress! I swear; its Kyoto Klean Kanuck Kiddies cause were taking out the dirty oil, yep you heard it here. 

I think I’ll go out and play now.
I look so real so styling, I wonder what the
Natives would think now?
They Love me!

 Who’s that imposter up there?
I Dunno what a cheap looking Hollywood costume!
He’s Hurting my eyes.
What a bozo.
Majority has it: 
5 to 1 - against him.

Another hard day, I think I’ll have a beer now hic..

Then I’ll go Party, I love to dress up like my hero George Dub-ya Bush

Bye for now Canada! Keep the money coming! I have lots of fun with it!
Ahhhh, what a life the Prime CrimeMinister has!